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NEW YORK—Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as CSR, has been a part of our business landscape for quite some time now. But like any good social purpose movement, CSR continues to grow, change and at times, even reinvent itself as current events and societal changes take hold. The term CSR is all about businesses and, in turn, employees, being good “corporate citizens.” Supporting a common social good allows companies to contribute to their community, locally or elsewhere in the world, connect with customers, establish positive employee participation, and ultimately expand awareness of their brand.

Vision Monday has dedicated its December issue to the rise of “social purpose” for several years, from support for vision care access, sustainability and the environment, give-back programs to a range of non-profits, local and global. This year we’d planned to do that again but in light of this momentous year, we adjusted our theme to include new views of CSR as the wider umbrella under which many vision care providers, ECPs, retailers, brands and NGOs are adopting a more visible support of a range of issues as companies.

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