NEW YORK—Connected. Social. Visual.Technological. Today’s kids, tweens and teens are becoming recognized as a priority among ECPs and optical retailers. Eyewear suppliers, too are re-engaging design and development initiatives with new brands for eyewear and sunwear, along with new education and training to better prepare for this opportunity of affording all kids the best in better vision.

In a unique, multi-month, joint editorial initiative, Vision Monday and 20/20 will shine their bright lights on a new phenomenon, Generation Z.

Experts agree that today’s babies, kids, tweens and teens, born after 1998, with influence beyond their years, are shaping new consumer purchasing and social attitudes. Today’s pre-school, grade school and high schoolers are unlike any generation before them.

Three companies are among the many addressing the category with brands and designs that can enhance the wearing experience for kids of all ages:

LUXOTTICA: Ray-Ban, Disney

NOUVEAU: Nickelodeon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob Squarepants, Dora

WILEY-X: Youth Force

Watch for a more extensive look at these and other eyewear players addressing GEN Z in VM’s upcoming Kidz Biz special section in the August 15 print and digital editions of VM. And look for 20/20’s Kidz Biz 2016 supplement in July.