After the shock of the pandemic in February and mid-March, the closures, the quarantine, the gradual reopenings, we’ve now arrived at what’s “normally” the “start” of a new season—back-to-schools, cultural events, new movies and TV, autumn sports, travel.

This September, however, feels simultaneously like the prolonging of an even longer spring and summer. However, making it to this milestone time of year, it’s important to recognize that both the practical and the critical need to work together as we look to both make it through—and to value the reasons to plan ahead.

An interesting blog post I read recently popped up and it struck a chord: It read, “Walking the Razor’s Edge: Balancing Strategy and Tactics.” It’s always a push and pull between these two things, but this year, it’s a constant tension.

Thinking about the trends, gauging and learning how things have changed, how they might change again still, and artfully balancing those against the day-to-day realities of running a business or professional practice is tough when nothing is certain—projections are difficult to make. However, it’s important, more important than ever, for leaders and their teams to come together, and think both strategically and tactically as we manage our way through the end of a year like no other.

Vision Monday’s Global Leadership Summit, designed for the senior executives, key opinion leaders and influencers in all strata of our business, has also taken on a new tone. This year’s Summit, a 4-part virtual series of two-hour sessions for registered attendees—and we encourage all of our readers consider attending—will include access to top-line ideas and strategies from healthcare leaders outside of the traditional eyecare space as well as the insights of vision care teams and professionals who have been accelerating their work as organizations and practices to achieve at winning the everyday.

“AFTERSHOCKS — Remaking Healthcare’s Future and The Vision Beyond 2020” is designed to provoke strategic thought and present actionable ideas. Read more about the program inside this issue starting on Page 12 and learn more about these speakers and sessions at

We hope you’ll make the choice to join in this year. Registration includes all four broadcasts, full access to the Vision Monday Summit virtual platform, networking, on-demand viewing during and after, door prizes and exclusive access to Summit attendee-only content after the event.

It’s a time for thinking big and thinking practically. We think you’ll take away valuable insights and ideas as you work to emerge from this year like no other and consider your plans for the year ahead.