Late last month, the Vision Monday team gathered with top industry executives and ECPs for the first in-person Global Leadership Summit in New York City in nearly two years. The theme of the Summit, Discover & Recalibrate, examined megatrends shaped by, what else, the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here are a few of my favorite “pearls of wisdom” from the event.

What Really Makes a Good CEO?
“Being a CEO is more than just inheriting a company and running it—good CEOs are bold, they reframe the game, act like an outsider and make big moves early and often.”—Vik Malhotra, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.

Livestreaming E-Commerce Chats
“The age group of 25 to 34 is buying more things, they’re viewing more livestreams and they are actually shopping via livestreams.”—John Carroll, Head of North America Advisory, Coresight Research

Growing a Business During a Pandemic
“This is when you discover your unique and distinctive capabilities and know your superpowers can be deployed to business.”—Lisa Sun, Gravitas Founder and CEO

On Apps as Medicine
“Many of the early projects are trying to improve access and look at how tech can increase access to health care. The blending of biology and technology is such a cool territory that has the profound ability to change lives.”—Fast Company Reporter Ruth Reader

Providing Health Care Services
“During the pandemic, Walmart took time to reevaluate its Health Center model and worked to put the customer in the center of everything we want to do.”—David Reitnauer, VP for Health and Wellness, and Specialized Services, Walmart Inc.

Adpating to Uncertainty and Change
“Jack, be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over that candlestick. Sometimes in business we have to take leaps of faith. This is how change is made.”—David Kepron, Founder of the NXTVL Experience Design Podcast