“Health care is changing, and so are the tools used to coordinate better care for patients.”
– Leon Rodriguez, Director, Office for Civil Rights, Health and Human Services

“For a single health care facility to be competitive, it must optimize its resources and employ leading-edge technology to raise the bar for efficiency and patient safety.”
– Kerry O’Leary, CEO, Physicians’ Hospital

“Adopting health care information technology is not a technical feat; it’s a feat of economics.”
– David Brailer, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

“A lot of people have been concerned that technology would put more distance between doctors and patients, but in our experience it brings them closer together.”
– Phil Fasano, CIO, Kaiser Permanente

“You can’t have the health care reform act without electronic health records.”
– Judy Hanover, Research Director, International Data Corporation

“Information, in the hands of the right people, at the right time, drives quality and value. We need to empower patients and health care providers to make the right choices.”
– Sen. Hilary Clinton