“Millennials are different. They communicate differently, distrust marketing, rely on their peers, and love brands that help them express themselves uniquely.”
– Carroll Phillips, president, Brand Amplitude

“They might reduce spending on luxury products, but Boomers have always found ways to justify luxury priorities that match stage-of-life passions.”
– Brent Green, author, Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers

“It’s true that Millennials are more likely than other demographics to interact with the brands they love through social media, but brands that succeed with Millennials in social media tend to be ‘naturally’ social, with high customer engagement, product quality and brand loyalty built across multiple channels.”
– Eric Anderson, vice president of digital, People to People

“With millions of Baby Boomers entering or nearing retirement in the coming years, a three-decade old pattern of consumer spending is likely to change dramatically, as disposable income not only declines but shifts from discretionary areas such as retail to more essential ones like health care.”
– Jessica Rao, contributor, CSNBC.com

“As people age, they move out of that period of acquiring, or materialism, into a post-material life stage.”
– Pam Danziger, founder, Unity Marketing