BOULDER, Colo.—Treehouse Eyes, a leading myopia management provider, announced an addition to its growing national franchisee network. David Kading, OD, FAAO, FCSLA, owner of Specialty Eye, joined Treehouse Eyes with two locations in the greater Seattle area. Dr. Kading is recognized as a leader in the myopia space. He hosts The Myopia Podcast and is an advisor, consultant and world-renowned lecturer in the myopia space. Jamie Cassidy, Treehouse Eyes COO, said, “We are thrilled to add this phenomenal practice to our growing provider network.

"Dr. Kading and Specialty Eye have an established myopia management practice that we will work to build even faster. Dr. Kading will also work with our team and vendor partners to ensure Treehouse Eyes is always on the leading edge of providing the best possible myopia care for children. Partnering with strong established practices enables us to help so many more children with our clinical protocol, implementation expertise and demand generation.”

Specialty Eye is among the nation’s largest myopia management practices, but Dr. Kading stated, “Although we are helping hundreds of patients with myopia management in our practice, for the sake of myopic children and their parents, we must be better and do more. The Treehouse Eyes clinical protocol, staff resources, implementation expertise and demand generation are second to none. Joining the Treehouse community of practitioners who are crushing myopia everyday will further drive our excellence.”

 David Kading, OD, FAAO, FCSLA.
He said, “Childhood myopia is a growing pandemic, and we are just scratching the surface in terms of addressing it. We want our practice to be a beacon of what myopia management should look like, and no one can catapult us to the level like Treehouse Eyes. Working with Treehouse Eyes will allow us to be a part of something that is making a true difference worldwide, while elevating our practice and patient care to another level.”

Treehouse Eyes started with its flagship locations in Washington D.C. and has expanded by partnering with eyecare professionals to offer in-clinic Treehouse Eyes locations in 23 states across the country.