RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—Eyefinity, a VSP Vision company and leader in practice management and electronic health records software, achieved full accreditation from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission’s (EHNAC) Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) for its Electronic Health Network (EHN) platform, VSP Vision announced recently. The accreditation program recognizes excellence in health data processing and assurances relating to compliance with industry standards and HIPAA regulations. EHNAC’s comprehensive third-party review evaluated Eyefinity in three areas including privacy measures, systems availability, and security infrastructure.

Additionally, EHNAC reviewed Eyefinity’s processes for managing and transferring protected health information and determined they meet or exceed all EHNAC criteria and industry standards.

Eyefinity has been EHNAC accredited since 2004 and received 98 percent on the 2022 EHNAC audit. Through completion of the rigorous certification process, Eyefinity “demonstrates adherence to strict standards and participation in the comprehensive, objective evaluation of its business,” the announcement noted.

“We are serious about protecting our doctors and their patients’ personal health information,” said Charlie Biegel, chief operating officer of Eyefinity. “We are proud of the numerous employees across cross-functional teams who completed the EHNAC self-assessment and virtual onsite review. The Eyefinity team believes this accreditation solidifies our commitment to data protection and security.”

Eyefinity’s EHNAC accreditation was effective May 24 and approved through 2024, according to the announcement.

“This is an important achievement for a company—it conveys Eyefinity has taken the necessary steps to ensure its stakeholders and customers that they are adhering to the latest standards in privacy, security and compliance,” Lee Barrett, executive director and CEO of EHNAC, said in the announcement.

“Regulatory concerns continue to be front and center on the minds of leadership in today’s health care ecosystem. Attaining a Healthcare Network Accreditation provides a ‘seal of approval’ for Eyefinity, which has demonstrated a full commitment to ensuring the security and privacy of health data processing and transactions for their customers.”