NEWARK, Calif. and SANTA CLARA, Calif.—EyeQue, a leader in smartphone vision testing, is teaming up with EyecareLive to offer virtual eye health appointments with expert eye doctors. Consumers can now access EyecareLive’s growing network of more than 4,000 eye doctors through to conveniently connect on any eye health concern. “Our partnership with EyecareLive is a major step in EyeQue’s plan to offer everything you need to take care of your eyes—all in one place,” said John Serri, PhD, co-founder and President of EyeQue.

“From the highest quality eyecare with expert doctors to the most powerful and accurate smartphone vision tests, EyeQue is on a mission to bring the future of vision care to the home.”

EyeQue and EyecareLive share a common mission: to make eyecare convenient, affordable, safe, and accessible, the two companies said in a joint statement. EyecareLive enables consumers to virtually meet with licensed eyecare doctors in their area, including their own doctor.
Appointments are available the same day—most within one hour—and start at $59, with no insurance needed. The doctors will be able to diagnose, evaluate, and provide a personalized treatment plan for a variety of eye conditions, including dry eye, pink eye, eye allergies, and more. 
“We are excited to partner with EyeQue to extend virtual care to consumers who are in need of an eye health consultation,” said Raj Ramchandani, CEO of EyecareLive. “While EyeQue’s smartphone screening devices empower consumers to track their vision between doctors’ visits, this new partnership gives consumers access to video visits with an EyecareLive eye doctor to address immediate eye health concerns, and to gain valuable eyecare information.”