SHARON, Penn.— Eyes of Faith and Big Idea Entertainment have announced the extension of their exclusive VeggieTales license agreement. As part of the extension, on Jan. 2, Eyes of Faith has introduced the new Peace of Mind Pair program, which ships a back-up, identical frame with every VeggieTales purchase.

“Parents already love the quality, style, and positive message of our VeggieTales frames,” said Jim Schneider, Eyes of Faith co-founder and president. “We understand that buying a pair of high-quality frames for a child is the best choice, but that choice can also turn into a bit of sticker shock for parents. ‘Peace of Mind Pair’ is a way for us to make the investment in VeggieTales even more valuable.”

"Peace of Mind Pair" means no delay while waiting for a replacement part or frame in the event of loss or damage. Additionally, if parents choose to invest in a second pair of lenses later, eyecare professionals will have the Peace of Mind frame in stock for that patient, the company said.

“As members of the optical industry, we know the incredible benefits of a second pair of glasses," added Amy Schneider, Eyes of Faith co-founder and vice president of product development. “'Peace of Mind Pair' makes it easier for eyecare professionals to communicate and offer that value to parents with an affordable second lens package. Parents get an affordable solution that builds trust and loyalty, opticals have a way to demonstrate the worth of a second pair—it’s a win-win.”