MIAMI—Avulux is now available to eyecare providers in the U.S. through Wisconsin-based Fait Optics. “The new, patented technology behind the Avulux Migraine and Light Sensitivity Lens blocks blue, amber and red light while letting in soothing green light,” said Avulux president and co-founder, Dr. Charles Posternack. “We are pleased to partner with Fait Optics to make this lens available through more eyecare providers across the United States.” As an Avulux authorized lab, ECPs have access to the company’s efficient supply chain, bulk/wholesale discounts and bonuses, as well as a robust offering of informational and promotional materials to support ECPs in making Avulux lenses available in their practices.

“We chose to become an authorized Avulux lab because we believe the Avulux Migraine and Light Sensitivity Lens is a critical tool for eyecare providers looking to help patients who are experiencing migraine and light sensitivity,” said Fait Optics vice president of sales, Chad Moder.

Avulux lenses offer migraine and light sensitivity technology to manage the impact of light on their daily lives. They also give eyecare providers the opportunity to differentiate their practice and drive revenue growth by providing an innovative new solution.

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