Production manager Willie Cohen loads trays onto the conveyor system which transports jobs around the roughly 12,000-square foot facility through the entire production process. Behind him is a fully-automated MEI BispheraTBA Phoenix edger, the hub of the newly expanded GSRx facility.
NEW YORK—The optical industry has never been more competitive. Consumers want the most advanced and effective technology, while eyecare providers want to ensure this is delivered on-time and with the highest level of patient satisfaction. Operating in this environment, optical labs need to ensure that the products they are producing are accurate, easily adaptable and error-free. Arizona-based GSRx recently upgraded its 12,000 square foot facility to ensure that they tick all three of these boxes.

The fully automated lab puts each step of the lens production journey under scrutiny with a layout that ensures the highest level of quality. To achieve this, GSRx CEO David Jochims brought not only a team of industry experts in to create a design that would improve production flow, but he also included his staff in the design and construction journey. The goal was to create a lab that addressed the needs of eyecare providers from making the order, to customer service to production and final inspection.

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