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JACKSONVILLE, Fla, and SANTA ANA, Calif.—Johnson & Johnson Vision,  a global leader in eye health, presented data on the first-ever antihistamine-releasing contact lens at the recent Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO 2020) annual meeting. The ARVO meeting was held as a virtual congress. The Johnson & Johnson Vision author video and research presentations were published earlier this month. The company noted in its announcement about the research that ocular allergy is pervasive and affects up to 20 percent of the U.S. population, with a similar prevalence worldwide. J&J Vision noted that it is working to address the major unmet need of ocular allergy through the development of the contact lens, an investigational antihistamine-releasing CL (etafilcon A with 0.019 mg ketotifen).

Research published at ARVO 2020 shares new data on the lens’s drug release and clinical efficacy over time. The study, “The Ex Vivo Drug Amount and Clinical Efficacy of an Antihistamine Releasing Contact Lens Over Time,” indicates that the J&J Vision ketotifen-containing investigational lenses exhibited a consistent release of the antihistamine during the wear-period.

Approximately 80 percent of the drug present in the lenses was released every hour based on what was remaining in the lens over a 5-hour period. This release profile was consistent with the 15-minute onset, and 12-hour duration of action efficacy results from previous studies, the J&J Vision announcement noted.

In addition, J&J Vision presented the first clinical research findings from its comprehensive myopia clinical research program with the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), as well as new data on contact lens and surgical innovations at ARVO.

More information on all of the J&J Vision research is available at ARVO.Learn.