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PORTLAND, Ore.—PECAA, a nationwide doctor alliance group representing over 3,700 independent eyecare practitioners, announced the launch of a new program to its membership. The program, developed in conjunction with Dry Eye University, is an all-encompassing, comprehensive learning experience that walks participants through the process of building a dry eye profit center in just 90 days. "90 Days to Dry Eye," as the program is being called, will utilize live events, online module courses and interactive coaching to help provide participating practices with customized implementation strategies to help build their thriving dry eye service.

“Dry eye care represents a significant opportunity for a practice to diversify their revenue stream with non-managed care revenue,” said Bryan Hoban, member business manager, PECAA. “This program provides members the tools and resources needed to fully maximize their potential in this space.”

Participating practices can expect to receive clinical dry eye education, staff training, vendor selection coaching, equipment recommendations, facility layout consultations, marketing and referral outreach strategies, and more, he said.

“PECAA developed this program to support practices who are actively looking for ways to expand their scope of practice and provide better care to patients,” added Jamie Hughes, senior vice president and general manager, PECAA. “Practices engaged in this program will be better prepared to compete in today’s changing eyecare landscape.”

The member-exclusive 90 Days to Dry Eye Program will cost $899, which includes a one year subscription to Dry Eye Access for the entire office and covers the Dry Eye University registration fee and all meals at the live event taking place in Irving, Texas from March 20 – March 21, 2020.
More details about the new program are posted here.

Dry Eye University is developed by experts in dry eye disease from Bowden Eye & Associates, Jacksonville, Fla.