Jamie Hughes.

MADISON, Wis.—Jamie Hughes, general manager of the Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA), has been promoted to senior vice president and will retain the general manager title and responsibilities, according to an announcement Thursday. Hughes brings a wealth of experience in the eyecare field to the group, having worked as director of optical services for Oregon Eye Specialists, as operations director for OHSU/Casey Eye Institute, and as international operations director for Gimbel Eye Center, which was the first ophthalmic care practice in Canada to perform laser vision correction, refractive lens exchange and implantable corrective lens procedures.

“Jamie has been running PECAA and doing an amazing job,” said Scott Filion, newly appointed chief executive officer of Rev360, PECAA’s parent company. “He’s built a great team, and he has taken a lot of initiative on his own. Jamie’s a leader with a tremendous amount of experience in the industry, and he’s bringing great value to PECAA members.”

Hughes said that with the additional SVP role, his day-to-day responsibilities won’t change much and that he’s looking forward to having a more synergistic relationship with the three divisions of Rev360: RevolutionEHR (electronic healthcare records), PECAA, and Visionary Partners, an innovative partnership between Rev360 and eyecare practitioners to sustain and grow independent eyecare practices, according to the announcement. “There’s a ton of opportunity there to serve our mutual customers, the doctors,” he explained. “When we’re serving doctors well, we’re allowing them to take better care of their patients.”

Hughes, who is originally from Canada, holds a degree in accounting from the University of Calgary and he earned an MBA in finance from Portland State University.

Hughes said he is looking forward to adding more value to PECAA’s offerings. “We believe that communities in America are better served by a strong optometric profession,” he said. “And they are always better served when the independent optometrist is thriving. That’s where PECAA can have a huge impact.”

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