LOS ANGELES—Sunbit, which offers buy now, pay later (BNPL) technology services to providers and retailers, has announced a new and full API integration with LensQuote a leading solution for driving in-office contact lens sales. The goal is for LensQuote, now with Sunbit's added benefits, to help convert more annual contact lens supplies and customers into daily lens wearers quickly, while increasing revenues per fitting. The integration between LensQuote, an in-office SaaS tool that makes selling contact lenses easy and transparent, and Sunbit, the BNPL technology of choice for eyewear retailers serving local communities across the country, eliminates the need for manual calculations, allowing optical staff to present pricing as soon as the patient is ready to checkout.

Optical retailers will be able to offer a "Pay As Low As" price, which shows consumers the average monthly payment for the cost of their annual supply of contact lenses if they choose to split their payment using Sunbit technology, the company said.

"Sunbit has made it easy for SaaS and e-commerce companies to integrate our' Pay As Low As' pricing tool into their retail or software business applications," said Ornit Maizel, Sunbit co-founder and chief technology officer. "LensQuote's integration of Sunbit's API will allow optical retailers to show what a customer's flexible, monthly payment would be if they choose Sunbit to buy their contact lenses now and pay for them over time. We're thrilled we can offer API solutions—enabling retailers to sell more while increasing customer loyalty."

"Patients want to be flexible with their hard-earned money and they're eager to find the best possible payment choices," said Robert Nunziato who leads partnerships and integrations for Sunbit, Inc. "With Sunbit, LensQuote merchants can quickly offer contact lens shoppers the lowest price—including flexible payment options—in a matter of seconds.

"Patients can take advantage of the rebates that come with the annual supply of contact lenses without paying the entire amount upfront. Rather, they split their purchase into monthly payments to stretch their budget and take advantage of the manufacturer promotions. That's a big win for the patient and the practice."

By using machine learning technology, Sunbit offers a fast application process and doesn't require a hard credit check, the company noted. Added Dr. Ryan Gustus, founder of LensQuote. "With LensQuote, we are helping optical businesses show their customers a clear breakdown of pricing, including discounts, insurance, and rebates." The LensQuote app complies with the latest FTC Contact Lens Rule changes.

Sunbit is offered in-store and online through more than 6,000 locations, including auto dealership service centers, optical practices, dentist offices and specialty health care services.