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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—As part of a new communications strategy announced earlier this month, The Vision Council's social media channels will now provide industry and member-facing content such as industry news and updates, member-specific events and happenings, Vision Council partner initiatives and content, and more. For industry news and updates and conversations about the industry, follow @OpticalIndustry on Twitter and ‘The Vision Council’ on Facebook and LinkedIn. For a more visual look at the industry and what’s new, follow @thevisioncouncil on Instagram

The new social media strategy is part of The Vision Council’s new consumer marketing strategy, which is shifting from three social media and public relations campaigns to a more streamlined digital media campaign strategy in partnership with Think About Your Eyes, the national public awareness campaign presented by The Vision Council and the American Optometric Association. The campaign aims to promote the importance of getting an annual comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist.

As part of the new consumer marketing strategy, the content from The Vision Council’s consumer campaigns—including Eyecessorize, National Sunglasses Day, and Digital Eye Strain—will populate Think About Your Eyes’ new website. The Vision Council’s consumer-facing messages about the products and services available for purchase will be shared through Think About Your Eyes’ social media channels.

The Vision Council will also launch a new website later this year, with all content curated specifically for The Vision Council members and industry experts.

“With a renewed focus on industry growth for 2020, it made sense to launch a social media strategy that allows us to communicate directly and effectively with members of The Vision Council and the greater vision community,” said Maureen Beddis, vice president of marketing and communications at The Vision Council. “At the same time, by shifting our consumer-facing messages to Think About Your Eyes’ social media channels, we amplify the reach of those key messages to consumers and further stimulate industry growth.”

As always, attendees and exhibitors preparing to attend Vision Expo East 2020 can follow Vision Expo news through on all of Vision Expo’s social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.