BOULDER, Colo.—Treehouse Eyes, the country’s first and only dedicated myopia management service company, announced the launch of a consumer marketing campaign to educate parents about childhood myopia and drive consultations into their 45 locations around the country. Matt Oerding, Treehouse Eyes CEO, said, “We know that to treat more myopic children we have to educate parents and motivate them to visit a practice specializing in myopia management. With 45 locations in 18 states, we now have the footprint to make these investments as we know if a parent brings their child to a Treehouse Eyes provider they will get the best possible care."

The marketing campaign, said Oerding, "started in mid-April and runs initially for three months targeting parents in the San Francisco Bay Area and greater Washington, D.C. metro area. Key components of the plan include partnerships with local parent influencers to educate their followers, content sponsorship with parent focused digital media partner Red Tricycle, local interviews with journalists, paid social media and targeted Google Ads.”

”We are excited about the initial results. Visits to our website are up 300 percent," Oerding added, noting, "reaction from parent influencers to share this information with their followers has been fantastic, and journalist interest is high in this story. We’ve already seen some great content go live with parent sites such as Mom’s Cove, Red Tricycle and an interview with KCBS in San Francisco. We will invest in other cities where we have a presence given the outcomes we are seeing from this campaign. I’m excited to build on our market leadership at treating myopic children and reinforce our position as the leading provider of this service in the country.”

Treehouse Eyes' David Turk, digital marketing manager, said,  “As more doctors join our rapidly growing network, we will turn on similar marketing in additional markets. We are already finding that this unique and targeted approach is greatly reducing the ubiquitous question from parents, 'Why haven’t I heard of this before?' and our partner doctors are seeing significant benefits from this campaign.”

Treehouse Eyes is dedicated exclusively to treating myopic children. It started with its flagship locations in Washington D.C. and has rapidly expanded by partnering with eye doctors to offer in-clinic Treehouse Eyes locations in 18 states across the country, making Treehouse Eyes the largest myopia management provider in the country. Doctors can learn more about partnering with Treehouse Eyes at