BOULDER, Colo.—Treehouse Eyes, the country’s first and only company dedicated exclusively to myopia management, announced the opening of 11 new centers. With the new practices, Treehouse Eyes is operating 31 centers in 14 states. In collaboration with select practices, Treehouse Eyes is bringing their proprietary and proven brand of myopia management directly into certain primary care practices across the country and the group has now treated thousands of myopic children with their proprietary systems, the company stated.

Dr. Gary Gerber, co-founder of Treehouse Eyes said, “With all of the buzz around kids' vision related to homeschooling, we are growing faster than expected, especially in the face of a national pandemic. Our unique messaging is resonating with parents as more kids are getting treated in our centers. The expansion of our internal training and marketing team is ensuring our doctors see a rapid return on their investments and it allows them to quickly bring exemplary, branded, proven myopia management care to their communities."

Dr. Gerber added, "This latest group of 11 practices joins what we call our 'myopia warriors, united in the battle against myopia.' By continuing to deliver the highest quality myopia care to patients and a memorable experience for their families, we are on track to have 50 centers by the end of this year."

To support this rapid growth and unprecedented practitioner demand, Treehouse Eyes has also launched a new website.

“I was already doing some myopia management in my practice but knew I was missing something special that would allow me to do more. After watching Treehouse Eyes expand across the country, I decided to contact them and was happy to learn an opportunity was available in my area," said Dr. Paul Colbourne from Bristow, Va.

"The training program was comprehensive and the results were nearly immediate. While it’s only been a short time that we’ve worked with them, it’s obvious they have done their homework and truly are the experts at building a myopia management practice. Their program easily meshed with my practice and gives us all the training and support we needed to treat more kids.”

Dr. Ryan Stybel from Manhattan Beach, Calif. commented, “I can’t imagine how we’d ever have provided this level of myopia care without their comprehensive and easy to execute program. Their deep experience in execution and marketing, and their obvious commitment to work with practices like mine is readily apparent in everything they do. We’re very happy with our results so far as we've changed the way we think about treating myopia. Our myopia management practice is growing markedly faster than we could have ever done on our own.”

The latest practices to join the growing Treehouse Eyes family are:

• Dr. Laurie Sorrenson – Lakeline Vision Source, Cedar Park, Texas
• Dr. Paul Colbourne – Associates in Eyecare, Bristow, Va.
• Dr. Robert Goerss – Tomasino Goerrs Vision Source, O’Fallon, Mo.
• Dr. Dean Amundsen – Camarillo, Calif.
• Dr. Christopher Inclima – Inclima Eye Care, West Haven, Conn.
• Dr. Fred Arima – Mill Creek Vision, Mill Creek, Wash.
• Dr. Scott Klasman – Federal Hill Eye Care, Baltimore, Md.
• Dr. Monika Spokas – Clarendon Vision Development Center, Westmont, Ill.
• Dr. Nina Doyle – Crofton Family Eye Care, Crofton, Md.
• Dr. Aaron Law – Innovative Vision Care, Belton, Mo.
• Dr. Ryan Stybel – Look! Optometry, Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Doctors interested in partnering with Treehouse Eyes can learn more at the website here.