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BALTIMORE—In celebration of Healthy Vision Month in July, Versant Health has launched a new resource center providing tools that enable people to take command of their vision health. This is an important, “but often overlooked, indicator of overall health and wellness,” Versant Health said in its recent announcement. Healthy Vision Month, which is designated by the National Eye Institute, is dedicated to highlighting the importance of eye health and safety so that people can enjoy the wonders of sight throughout their lives.

For the nearly 37 million Americans living with vision issues—including cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and more—understanding healthy vision habits can drastically improve day-to-day life and lower the risks of vision loss, the announcement noted.

Versant Health’s Healthy Vision Month resource center includes infographics, blog posts, videos, whitepapers and e-books on topics ranging from how to protect eyesight in various environments, to the importance of regular eye exams. The resource center also includes opportunities to join the #HealthyVisionMonth and #PowerOfHealthyVision conversations on social media.

“We are proud to deliver a collection of tools this Healthy Vision Month that teach individuals how to protect their eyes and vision all year round,” Versant Health chief executive officer Kirk Rothrock said “Sight is the sense that people most fear losing, above all others, and we aim to arm them with information that can help protect their eyes. The truth is that healthy vision starts with an annual eye exam—the least-invasive, most cost-effective way to analyze eye health and detect more than 30 chronic health conditions.”

The company’s new resources are accessible at Versant Health’s Healthy Vision Month resource center at

Versant Health is a leading managed vision care company and serves more than 33 million members through its Davis Vision and Superior Vision plans.