DUBAI—The first edition of VisionPlus Expo is scheduled for October 26-28, 2021 in Dubai. The event aims to be the next destination for international eyewear shows, which makes Dubai the perfect location, according to the show’s organizational team. In an announcement, Jasbir Bolar, marketing director of show promoter FourPlus Media, said, “The glamour and glitz of Dubai is unparalleled. Nearly 90 percent of the population comprises expats, and Dubai remains the key shopping destination for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. Tourists from Europe, too, have been known to prefer buying fashion eyewear from Dubai than from their home countries… I don’t think any brand today can truly claim to be global, if it doesn’t have its presence established in Dubai.”

Furthering this global reach, Bolar explained that VisionPlus Expo is targeting participation from over 50 countries, and bringing in brands from Europe, America, Japan, China, India and more, including many local companies.

He said, “Traditionally, exhibitions are created for local markets, attracting participation from local exhibitors and buyers. And while some may grow and get a broader buyer base, the exhibitors are still primarily from the local brands. VisionPlus Expo, however, is a true international platform right from the start. The idea is to make Dubai a genuine procurement hub for the eyewear industry.”

VisionPlus Expo also coincides with Expo Dubai 2020, a World Expo hosted by the government of the United Arab Emirates. VisionPlus Expo show director Zahra Amir explained, “The exhibition is timed to coincide with the EXPO Dubai 2020, and we’re expecting that the world would be flocking to Dubai. There are a multitude of events planned by the UAE government around the EXPO 2020. This will be a huge factor for us. I’m sure opticians would consider having an extended business and pleasure trip in Dubai.”

The show will include a variety of events, such as training sessions and conferences. VisionPlus is also planning a two month Global Eyewear Shopping Festival in Dubai following the Expo, which aims to boost local eyewear retail. This event is still in early planning stages.

One of the show’s main features will be its OEM Pavilion, a dedicated area for private label manufacturers and raw material suppliers. Bolar said, “Participating at the VisionPlus Expo in Dubai gives these companies a clear positioning as companies that are serious about meeting international standards in manufacturing. It also indicates their commitment to meeting service standards to match the global customer’s expectations. I believe this will be another key draw for buyers, since it’s not easy to identify these factors otherwise.”

Event details and pre-registration for VisionPlus Expo are available online.