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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Global announced this week that it is discontinuing sales of Level, the smart glasses that represent the company’s initial foray into wearable technology. Level smart glasses feature activity-tracking technology embedded inside the temple of an optical frame. The wearer’s activity is tracked through an app. Level wearers were notified by VSP Global that it will deactivate the Level app after Dec. 31, 2020, and that app support will end after Sept. 30, 2020.

Level can continue to be worn as conventional eyeglasses, the company said. Additional information for Level wearers is available at VSP Global introduced Level on a limited basis in 2018, following several years of development and testing.

“Since 2018, VSP Global has tested Level smart glasses within Premier Program locations and on, receiving invaluable insights about user experience, market and retail viability, and the role of an eye doctor in the growing smart glasses category,” a VSP Global spokesperson told VMAIL.

“Based on feedback and current market trends, we have decided to wind down the Level program and apply our learnings to future smart glasses programs and partnerships through our Global Innovation Center. As the first managed vision care plan to launch a smart glasses product and coverage, we remain committed to exploring and offering cutting-edge products and services to our clients, members and network doctors.”

VSP Global began developing Level in 2015. A partnership and academic study with USC Center for Body Computing followed in 2016.