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SALT LAKE CITY—Last week’s launch of Boomerang, the new eyeglass lens replacement service from 1-800 Contacts, is the latest in a series of moves that signify the Utah-based company’s shift from online contact lens replacement service to an integrated, full-service online provider of vision products and services. Over the past three years, 1-800 Contacts has steadily expanded its capabilities through acquisitions and partnerships while building a comprehensive portfolio that now includes contact lenses, eyeglasses and spectacle lenses.

The first step was the company’s acquisition of online eyeglass seller Liingo Eyewear in October, 2017. Next, 1-800 Contacts began offering Express Exam, an online visual acuity test that lets customers renew their contact lens prescription.

Then, in December 2019, the company acquired 6over6 Vision, an Israeli vision testing company. 1-800 Contacts has been quick to deploy proprietary technology developed by 6over6, including GoLenses, a free app integrated with Liingo that easily reads the prescription off a patient’s current lenses and automatically applies it to the lenses and frames they’re selecting.

John Graham, CEO of 1-800-Contacts
“Our Prescription Reader App has already garnered a passionate response from customers with a 4.6 rating in the Apple app store,” said 1-800 Contacts CEO John Graham, who has been instrumental in charting the company’s growth.

A virtual try-on tool also developed by 6over6, allows users to realistically see themselves in hundreds of shapes and styles that fit their face and personality. The most recent tool from 6over6 that Liingo has added to its site is Find My Fit, which allows customers to filter and find the best shape and style on Liingo based on their individual measurements.

But Graham sees even bigger potential in another new technology developed by 6over6. “With Boomerang, we’ve created a seamless customer experience from home by using best-in-class vision technology from our in-house lab and backing every order with our award-winning customer care team. To date, we use our proprietary GoPD technology for Boomerang orders. Our long-term plans include integrating the groundbreaking technology from 6over6, pending FDA approval, to allow customers to affordably get a new prescription from home and save money by using frames they already own and love.”

Graham said he is hopeful the FDA will approve the prescription technology in 2021.