Product: Envision GPT-4 Powered Virtual Assistant ‘Ask Envision’ on AI Smart Glasses.
Top Line: Envision has launched ‘Ask Envision’ on all editions of its smart glasses. Envision builds assistive tech and services to help people navigate everyday information. The powerful new virtual visual assistant is built upon ChatGPT by OpenAI and harnesses this much-discussed technology to immediately deliver life-enhancing experiences for people who are blind or have low vision.
Close Up: Ask Envision provides an incredible level of utility and context on text scanned by the Envision Glasses, making it easier for users to access information and enjoy greater independence. Launched in 2021, Envision enables people who are blind or low-vision to read and translate any type of text (digital and handwritten) into over 60 different languages. It can recognize faces, objects, and colors and even describe scenes around them. In addition, it can immediately connect users to trusted contacts through its Ally function—a secure video call solution built directly into the glasses.
Vital Stats: Ask Envision delivers more in-depth information or answers questions about pieces of text scanned by the Envision Glasses. With just one tap within the Scan Text feature on the Envision Glasses, users can simply scan any text (e.g., food packaging, posters, timetables, computer display screens, QR Codes, etc.), pose their questions, and answers are spoken out by the glasses in the language of their choice. Other notable features include technologies such as Aira Integration that allows users to call Aira agents for support. The glasses also offer scene and facial recognition features, allowing users to better interpret information. The device is multilingual offering services in languages such as Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It will also recognize bank notes in more than 100 currencies. There are three editions of Envision Glasses available, offering a choice of feature sets to best match user needs and budgets.