Top Line: Fittingbox is launching a brand new pupillary distance measurement online tool, featuring a state of the art card protocol for precise optical measures.
Close Up: With this new online tool, users can measure their PD on the same website they are shopping for glasses. The mobile-first solution can be embedded on any eyewear website, and does not require an app. A user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions and clear visuals makes the measurement process intuitive and straightforward. Benjamin Hakoun, CEO of Fittingbox, said, “As a pioneer in the eyewear industry, Fittingbox strives to push the boundaries of innovation. Our PD Measurement online tool is a testament to our dedication to enhancing customers' eyewear experiences. Hand in hand with our ultra-realistic virtual try-on, we believe this tool will make it easier for glasses wearers to find the right frames and for eyecare professionals to ensure well-fitted lenses.”
Vital Stats: Fittingbox's PD Measurement is backed by a portfolio of five worldwide patents on the technology and method for determining ocular measurements. These patents encompass innovations in the detection of irises, frames, ears and card protocol, providing customers with reliable results. The distance between the user's pupils is measured with a proven accuracy of 1 mm for 7 out of 10 measurements. The accuracy is within 2mm of the actual measure in 96 percent of cases. Ariel Choukroun, chief technology officer and co-founder of Fittingbox, said, “With more than 13 years of work after filing our first patent on digital centration measurements, all the proprietary technologies that we have developed so far are adding together to provide an intuitive, fast, and reliable experience for the customer.”