Top Line: 3D printing company Materialise has debuted new 3D printed eyewear created with an innovative translucent material.
Close Up: This new material is the result of five years of trailing over 50 different materials, including tests for bio-compatibility, thermal resistance and impact resistance. This new material offers designers an entirely new medium for 3D printed eyewear, allowing them to experiment with the possibility of captivating shapes, gradients, textures, and lightweight structures, all while maintaining the timeless appeal of translucent frames.
Vital Stats: Alireza Parandian, head of global business strategy, wearables at Materialise, said, “The convergence of 3D printing technology with the advent of innovative translucent materials opens up a realm of exhilarating design possibilities for eyewear designers. In the past decade, 3D printing has introduced a new level of freedom that offers designers unlimited creativity to craft intricate and customized frames. Moving forward, the introduction of translucent materials to the 3D printing palette will bring a new dimension to eyewear aesthetics. These materials, with their ethereal qualities, transform eyeglass frames into works of art, offering a unique interplay of complexity and depth.”