Product: Satisloh e-book "The Coating of Ophthalmic Lenses"
Top Line: Satisloh, a leader for both coating equipment and processes, has released seven chapters on various coating topics for ophthalmic labs.
Close Up: “We know coating can be an intimidating topic, so we wanted to provide a resource that people can easily access for free. They can read the subjects that are relevant to their lab now, use all seven as part of their staff onboarding, or simply for employee reference. We’re here to help with all of your AR needs,” said Andy Huthoefer, vice president, product management & marketing, Satisloh. Experts in the coating field since 1965 when Satis Vacuum was founded, the company has a complete team of AR professionals to help with all coating inquiries—including equipment and processes.
Vital Stats: Available free as downloads from Satisloh’s website
Chapter topics:
1. Getting the Most Out of AR Coating
2. Characteristics of Different Vacuum Pumps 
3. Vacuum Chamber Components and What They Are For 
4. Basics, Principles, Calculations, and Quality Standards
5. How to Apply AR Coatings: Traditional Steps and Different Ways of AR Coating
6. Processes & Hard Coating: Materials, Conditions, Reflection Behaviors, Etc.
7. Reproducibility Criteria: Tips & Tricks