New Product: Three Rivers Optical Quick Changers Extra Photochromic Lens
Top Line: Three Rivers Optical, has launched Quick Changers Extra, a premium photochromic lens.
Close Up: Quick Changers Extra lenses help wearers care for their eyes by blocking 100 percent of damaging UVA and UVB rays, which have much higher energy levels than visible light. The lenses also offer protection from the blue light in sunlight and the light from digital devices that harm the eyes. “We are proud to bring this improved technology to our customers,” says Steve Seibert, managing partner at Three Rivers Optical. “Our focus is to enhance our products and bring the best possible offerings to the eye care community.”
Vital Stats: Quick Changers Extra provides more benefits than Quick Changers II lenses, including activation behind glass and a fade-back speed that is almost twice as fast. The lenses are designed to offer virtually identical functionality across all materials, have stylish gray and brown color options, and cost 15 percent less than other branded photochromics.