Top Line: The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and Alcon will host the “Dry Eye Spotlight 4: WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” webinar on May 9 to launch a new practical tool that helps with the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease. This webinar is the culmination of an initial series of complimentary global dry eye disease education initiative online event.
Close Up: The WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel, developed by professors Jennifer Craig, Lyndon Jones and James Wolffsohn, is an at-a-glance, interactive tool designed to easily reference the three pillars of mitigation, measurement, and management, and to be accessible for broadest possible use. The webinar will include the initial launch and a question and answer session. World Council of Optometry president-elect Sandra S. Block, OD, MEd, MPH, FAAO, FCOVD said, “The three experts, Professors Craig, Wolffsohn and Jones, have been amazing in how they shared their expertise in treating dry eye disease and addressing the problems for optometrists globally. This final webinar will culminate in a practical tool, the WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel, which will allow clinicians to integrate mitigation, measurement and management of dry eye disease into practice immediately. I would like to thank Alcon for the opportunity to address this ocular problem together.” Alcon Global and US head of professional education and development Carla Mack, OD, MBA, FAAO, FBCLA said, “The prevalence of dry eye symptoms and those who have dry eye disease means as optometrists that we will encounter this daily in practice. The WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel is a fantastic tool that aims to deliver a great deal of knowledge and an easy-to-apply approach in eye care practices worldwide. Alcon is proud to partner with the World Council of Optometry and our expert faculty as we work to raise awareness of dry eye and support optometrists in helping those who suffer.”
Vital Stats: The “Dry Eye Spotlight 4: WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” webinar will be independently presented in three time zones with live faculty-attendee interaction on Tuesday, May 9. The time zones are:
5 p.m. HKT/SST = Hong Kong/Singapore 
6 p.m. CET = Central Europe 
9 p.m. EDT = Eastern Daylight Saving
Participants may choose their session when registering online here
The first three webinars in the series, “Dry Eye Spotlight 1: Mitigation”, “Dry Eye Spotlight 2: Measurement”, and “Dry Eye Spotlight 3: Management” are now available on demand at The “Dry Eye Spotlight 4: WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” webinar and the tool itself will also be available on demand following the May 9 event.