Product: e-dr. Analytics
Top Line: e-dr. Network LLC is launching e-dr. Analytics, a new free service offered on e-dr. Analytics is a comprehensive reporting tool that allows eyecare practitioners to generate a detailed report of their contact lens ordering trends by lens, manufacturer, lens modality, dollars spent across manufacturers, and ratio of ship to patient versus in-office delivery.
Close Up: Practices with multiple locations can use e-dr. Analytics to combine data from all locations to offer comprehensive, easy to understand details of ordering trends for up to three previous years. Each report is digitally delivered via a printable PDF document format or via an interactive flipbook. “e-dr. Analytics puts the power of reporting into the hands of ECPs where it belongs,” said Mirela Elder, senior account executive at Cleave Hamlin, senior account executive, commented, “ECPs who take advantage of e-dr. Analytics can analyze data to discover opportunities of growth by viewing accurate year to year ordering benchmarks.”
Vital Stats:
• Up to three years of order history data
• Easy to understand analysis charts and graphs
• Downloadable via PDF e-dr. Analytics will be available as a free service starting January 2023.