Tania Constable.

Product: Clinical webinar on pediatric optometry
Top Line: Ocuco is supporting a clinical webinar on Pediatric Optometry on Wednesday, December 7, at 13:30 EST. The webinar will be presented by Tania Constable, a pediatric specialist optometrist at Temple Street Children's University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. The topic "Talking Unicorns: Pediatric Eyecare Made Easy" aims to demystify the assessment and management of children's eyecare. This webinar is COPE-accredited for Interactive Distance Learning and free of charge.
Close Up: During the one-hour webinar, Tania Constable will discuss several aspects of pediatric optometry, including: 
• Age-appropriate vision tests, age norms for both refractive error and vision
• Assessing refractive error in children
• When and what to prescribe to children  
• Examination of children with additional needs: testing and prescribing
• The importance of fitting contact lenses in childhood
• Practical information on assessing children, including the environment, safeguarding, and record-keeping
In addition, the webinar will address some barriers preventing ECPs from being confident in managing children's eyecare. "Optometrists often mention concerns about knowing when and what to prescribe to children. This webinar aims to provide some tools to make managing those pre-schoolers, amblyopes, or young myopes easier. Honestly, pediatric eyecare can be fun and an opportunity to make a real difference," explained Constable, a full-time pediatric specialist optometrist working in both a primary and secondary care setting in Dublin. Constable holds an MSc in Clinical Optometry from Cardiff University and certificates in pediatric eyecare, glaucoma and medical retina from the College of Optometrists. She has carried out research into the visual experience of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which has been presented at a number of conferences in the UK in 2022. Constable led one of the first additional needs eye clinics within the Irish health system. Previously, she worked as a PQE examiner for the Association of Optometrists Ireland (AOI) and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
Vital Stats: The lecture is COPE-accredited for Interactive Distance Learning and is organized by CETpoints.com, supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Ocuco. Registration is open and can be completed at the following page: www.ocuco.com/upcoming-clinical-lectures/.