Product: Sapphire Ezer Dry Eye
Top Line: US Ophthalmic is introducing the Sapphire Ezer Dry Eye Series, the latest in Dry Eye Disease (DED) technology. The company will showcase three models at Vision Expo, including the top-of-the-line Sapphire A+ Ezer Dry Eye, which offers fully comprehensive and non-invasive automated diagnostic testing, including Interferometry, Tear Meniscus, NIBUT (Non-Invasive Break Up Time), Meibography, 3D Meibography, Blink Quality, Blephartis and more.
Close Up: The Sapphire A+ Ezer Dry Eye will not detract time from the consult, as the device can be delegated to a clinics assistant, technician or even a secretary as its user friendly and requires little to no experience to use. It can take four minutes and, with experience, even less time. Sapphire pays for itself with or without financing, creating a new source of income for a clinic.
Vital Stats: US Ophthalmic provides customers with patient education resources, marketing materials, personalization of printouts/reports for their clinic and a smartphone based application for patients.;; (786) 621-0521