Top Line: DigitalOptometrics, a leading provider of remote comprehensive eye health and vision analysis examination systems, announced the introduction of instant voice translation between patient and optometrist during the performance of a remote eye examination as an additional capability available to customers of its remote eye examination system.
Close Up: Voice translation from and to English is now available for instant translation during the DigitalOptometrics remote eye examination with a selection of 16 languages and dialects including Spanish, Chinese and French, the most widely used non-English speaking languages in the United States. With over 67 million people in the U.S. that speak a language other than English, the translation capability opens a huge market for eyecare providers and convenience for patients.  A quality eye examination can now be offered to patients that do not speak English or do not speak English very well without interruptions or delays due to difficulty in communication.
Vital Stats: Introduction and demonstration of the translation capability will be seen at the DigitalOptometrics Exhibit Booth #F2727 at Vision Expo East 2023.