Product: Ora EyeCup
Top Line: Ora, Inc., a leading ophthalmology clinical research firm, is launching a mobile research platform, Ora EyeCup, which promises to transform patient data capture through high-resolution imaging, artificial intelligence (AI) analysis, and real-time patient feedback. The Ora EyeCup was a finalist in the Most Valuable Clinical Technology Award category at the Reuters Events Pharma Awards USA 2022.
Close Up: The Ora EyeCup platform is a powerful combination of hardware and software—a smartphone attachment and software application which allows patients to take high-resolution images of their eyes and track disease signs and symptoms remotely. With over 138,000 images captured to date, 98 percent are considered gradable by researchers and AI. Post-capture processing utilizes AI-powered image analysis for precise clinical assessments of ocular redness, tear film stability, and corneal health. Along with this, Ora EyeCup ensures protocol adherence through compliance assurance diaries for both symptom tracking and therapy dosing.
“At Ora, our technologists have spent the past two years developing this revolutionary system to capture patient data and provide a deeper understanding of therapeutic effect,” said Dr. Gustavo De Moraes, chief medical officer at Ora. “The result is a trailblazing technology that captures high quality therapeutic data and improves the likelihood of study success.
Vital Stats: Ora EyeCup is now available to enhance the quality of ophthalmic clinical trials.
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