Quick Take: Sustainable eyewear brand SEA2SEE is launching a collaboration with Norwegian eyewear brand Fellepini for Nordic optical chain Synsam.
Specifics: The Fellepini z SEA2SEE collection features nine new ophthalmic models, each produced with SEA2SEE’s 100 percent recycled marine plastic. In addition to being sustainable and kind to our oceans, the collection is lightweight, contemporary and suited to a wide age range and broad customer profile.
Selling Point: François van den Abeele, founder of SEA2SEE said, “Sea2see has created a completely new category in sustainable eyewear which is based on taking action for environmental change and offering consumers a chance to be part of this action. Our partners have recognized the importance of this opportunity, and it is our huge pleasure to collaborate with key players like SYNSAM in Scandinavia, who have been leading the path in their sustainable commitments and continue to grow and invest in this new area of the eyewear segment.”
Håkan Lundstedt, CEO of Synsam Group, said, “Sustainability is a priority for the Synsam Group, both in the product we offer to a market that is ever more concerned about the planet and in the values we promote as a company. It’s the second year we collaborate with Sea2see and it has been a continuous and growing success. Sea2see is proving that we can disrupt the industry in a sustainable way. At Synsam Group the sustainability agenda is very much integrated in the business model. Besides recycled material as in Sea2see and Synsam’s Circular Collection, we have also taken a big sustainable step by moving the company’s eyeglasses production from Asia to Sweden during 2021.”