Quick Take: Jenny Lynn Eyewear, from The McGee Group, has launched five new optical styles. 
Specifics: The new styles are: Dignified, Striking, Stunning, Thoughtful and Stylish. Dignified is a full rimless frame in an angular shape and a stone décor end piece. It is available in cold and lavender. Striking is a semi-rimless metal frame with pearl and crystal stone décor. It is available in claret and teal. Stunning I a full acetate frame available in champagne, ink and rose, and featuring metal and stone décor end piece. Thoughtful is a full rim metal frame with stone and glitter décor on an angular tapered end piece. It is available in antique silver and rose gold. Finally, Stylish is a rounded style with a biplated metal frame featuring a contrasting brow and lower eye rim. It has a unique glitter epoxy and stone décor on its corners and is available in gold and rose gold.
Selling Point: The new Jenny Lynn Eyewear collection from The McGee Group is fresh, feminine and fun.