(Top to Bottom) Maya, Ethan, Sophie, Rigel and Chronalis.

Quick Take: X-Ide is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of X-Ide New Generation, a capsule collection made up of 8 styles with double temples.
Specifics: Inspired by cyberpunk, the eight models are designed around a series of fresh characters: Maya, Lucas, Ava, Sophie, Ethan, a puppy named Molly, the city of Rigel and Chronalis, a time machine that the characters use on their journey. Each limited-edition style reflects the personality of a different character. Design details include double temples, side-opening lenses, two-tone straps and more.
Selling Point: Susi Tabacchi, general manager of Immagine98, said, “We have built the collection around a strong storytelling through comic strips, whose protagonists name the models that feature the historic double temple, an identifying feature of the brand. Our new collection is a mix of innovation and cutting-edge design, bold shapes and surprising details.”