Top Line: Hoya Vision Care announced yesterday that Pentax optical lenses, part of its global brand portfolio since 2008, are now available to U.S. vision retailers. As a globally recognized optical brand with a presence in 26 markets worldwide, Pentax brings significant new options for U.S. retail partners whose customers value choice and affordability in superior lenses, Hoya said.
Close Up: The announcement comes as part of Hoya's global business strategy to expand distribution in key markets and offer greater choice and convenience for retailers. With over 100 years of excellence in camera and optics technology, today's Pentax optical lenses are designed with precision for sharper vision and a wider field of view, delivering performance and durability. "We are excited to bring a strong global brand to our U.S. retail partners," said Yong Pei Chin, Pentax global brand manager at Hoya Vision Care. "Around the world, the brand's mission is clear, and our message is simple–Pentax lenses offer the best combination of choice, affordability, warranty, and above all quality. Together, we are pleased to deliver on this promise and provide the quality and choice our retail partners have come to expect from us." Simone Meskelis, senior vice president of ECP and retail chains at Hoya Vision Care, added, "Offering increased choice among vision retailers in the U.S. is important to Hoya, and we are doing that today by offering Pentax optical lenses. Globally, Pentax is a well-established and respected brand. This expansion allows us to bring our deep optical expertise to, and be a competitive force in, the U.S. retail market."
Vital Stats: Pentax offers a complete portfolio, from single vision and digital lenses to progressive lenses with superior coatings and treatments. This range empowers retailers to provide their customers with higher quality lenses seamlessly across different stages of their lives, adapting to changes in lifestyle and vision demands over time.