Product: Hoya Sun Lens Portfolio
Top Line: Hoya Vision Care is launching a bundled sun lenses portfolio for eyecare practitioners, just in time for summer. As children and adults spend more time outdoors in the coming months, the eye health benefits of prescription sunglasses grow exponentially.
Close Up: Practitioners can order from Hoya’s light-adaptive photochromic lenses, polarized lenses, various fashionable tints and mirror coatings, lens designs, materials, and anti-reflective coatings. The comprehensive sun portfolio includes:
• Sensity Family—newly updated with Sensity 2 light-adaptive lenses offering nearly twice the fade back speed as original Sensity lenses, along with Sensity Fast, Sensity Dark, and Sensity Shine
• Coppertone Polarized Lenses—recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin, they offer 1.6x higher HEV light protection than standard polarized lenses.
• Hoya Polarized Lenses—more vision comfort with less light glare and enhanced contrast
• Hoya Diamond Tint—superior quality and function meet fashion and color
• Hoya Mirror Coatings—available in 13 colors offering optimal sun protection that reflects UV light away from the lens surface. "By making our sun lenses available as a highly effective portfolio, our goal is to offer a solution for everyone," said Warren Modlin, vice president of technical marketing at Hoya Vision Care. "We are excited to offer practices the resources and support they need to discuss UV protection with their patients. Surveys indicate that of the five senses, people cherish sight the most. Yet, many are unaware that every day they spend in the sun without sunglasses may be putting them at risk of eye damage—possibly even permanent vision loss."
Vital Stats: To complement the new portfolio, now through June 30, members of Hoya’s Visionary Alliance can earn additional rewards for their practice by playing a retro video game and unlocking ways to double their points on Coppertone and polarized lens orders. Practitioners can also access educational information about UV protection from the Hoya Learning Center, read more about Hoya's sun solutions, or speak to a Hoya territory sales manager.