Quick Take: Quantum Innovations is improving safety on the roads with the launch of the new Night Driving Hard Coat for lenses.
Specifics: The Night Driving Hard Coat is designed to significantly reduce glare, particularly in dark and rainy conditions. The coating effectively filters out yellow light, enhancing visibility and improving the color saturation of viewed objects, especially primary colors like red, green and blue. This results in sharper contrast, vivid colors, and enhanced rendition, making objects stand out even in low-light situations. “Our customers have been thrilled with the performance of our Night Driving Hard Coat,” said Chris Foley, director of business development. “It's not just about reducing glare; it's about creating a safer and more enjoyable driving experience, especially for those with vision conditions like astigmatism, cataracts and post-LASIK surgery.”
Selling Point: In addition to its benefits for drivers, Night Driving Hard Coat is also compatible with contact lens wearers, ensuring comfort and clarity for those who prefer wearing contacts, Quantum Innovations said. The customizable options, including anti-reflective coatings, tinting and UV protection, allow customers to tailor their lenses according to their specific needs and preferences. The company said improvements in color saturation, contrast and rendition provided by Night Driving Hard Coat has been described as striking by users, highlighting its effectiveness in challenging lighting conditions.