Product: EyeX
Top Line: SmartXGlasses, in collaboration with Titan and PHTL, is launching Titan EyeX smart glasses in the U.S. The company, founded by optical industry veterans Alan Yuster and Craig Chasnov, is opening up U.S. distribution of EyeX to eyecare professionals and optical retailers.
Close Up: Titan EyeX is a stylish, ophthalmic-quality frame offering high-quality sound. Designed in the U.S. by PHTL, the low-profile, lightweight smart glasses have won two prestigious Red Dot awards. Wearers can make phone calls, listen to music and use voice assistants such as Siri, Google, and Alexa completely hands-free. Open-ear audio is more convenient than wearing headphones and gives wearers the safety of hearing their surroundings. Fitness tracking, notifications, finding phone/glasses, play time and weather, camera remote snap and calendar alerts are all accessible by a swipe gesture on the temples. With high-end Qualcomm chip, these are true wireless Bluetooth glasses with long battery life. Wearers can upload their prescription to to get a high-quality lens installed.
Features include:
• High-quality open ear audio
• Phone Calls: Make or receive a call, mute a call, control the volume
• Music: Start or stop music, change tracks, adjust the volume
• Voice assistant: Siri, OK Google, and Alexa
• Notifications: Play notifications from the phone
• Fitness: Count steps, miles and calories burned
• Find glasses or phone from one to other
• Custom touch: Presentation control (PowerPoint)
• Camera: Remote snap from the glasses
• Information: Play time and weather
• Functions controlled by swiping temple
• High-end Qualcomm chip
• Bluetooth-enabled
Vital Stats: Titan EyeX is now available in the U.S. via with premium prescription glasses, blue-blocking lenses or sun lenses. Distributor wholesale pricing will be provided upon inquiry.