Quick Take: Transitions XTRActive Polarized is now available in all Shamir lens designs, such as Shamir’s Attitude III Fashion and Attitude III Sport progressives.
Top Line: Shamir Insight has a new option for glare reduction and convenience in their lens designs catalogue. Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are designed for patients who need extra protection in high-glare situations. The unique polarization technology reduces glare outdoors, providing sharper vision, a larger field of view and bright, vivid colors.
Vital Stats: Transitions XTRActive provides up to two times faster fadeback than Transitions Vantage lenses. It also offers up to 90 percent polarization efficiency. This lens technology hosts broad-spectrum dyes for more darkness with new ultra-fast dichroic dyes. Nine out of 10 people experience light sensitivity and one out of three are very light sensitive, demonstrating the need for constant light protection for all, and the need for extra protection for many. Shamir is a world leading producer of high-performance lens technologies that are capable of removing unwanted glares. Brian O’Neill, PhD, global vice president, innovation, technology and operations, at Transitions Optical said, “This is a key milestone for the company. Building on our experience in polarization technology, we have now engineered the world’s only and best clear to extra dark photochromic polarized lens.”
For more information on Shamir lens designs with Transitions XTRActive Polarized, visit shamirlens.com.