Quick Take: Vontélle Eyewear has partnered with actor Kadeem Hardison to a collection of flip up aviator glasses under Hardison’s Deemed brand.  
Specifics: Inspired by Hardison’s iconic character Dwayne Wayne from A Different World, the new collection blends nostalgia and contemporary style. Vontélle co-founder Tracy Green said, “We are overjoyed to pay homage to this cultural phenomenon. We are thrilled to introduce this exclusive eyewear collection under the esteemed company Deemed, led by the talented Kadeem Hardison.” Co-founder Nancey Harris said, “Together, we bring forth a collection that embodies the spirit of authenticity and artistic expression.”
Hardison said, “This eyewear collection celebrates the enduring influence of Dwayne Wayne and his impact on fashion and nostalgia.”
Selling Point: As an ongoing contribution to education for people of color, The Kadeem Hardison Scholarship Fund will be fueled by sales from the eyewear collection. A percentage of each purchase will be awarded to a young adult to help aid them in their quest for higher education. Jayce Baron, Deemed CFO, said, “We are seeing the aftereffects of the influence A Different World had on Black Executives in positions today. Everyone from production to the cast has made a lasting impact on society and we are devoted to continuing that momentum.”