Wiley X Debuts Captivate Lens Technology

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Product: Wiley X’s new Captivate lens technology.
Top Line: Wiley X has introduced Captivate, their new lens technology offered in a variety of colors.
Close Up: Captivate lenses aim to increase clarity and definition by filtering out confusing light. The lenses are available with a green base, a grey base and a copper base, and there are currently eight different captivate lenses: Polarized Platinum Flash (green base), Polarized Red Mirror (grey base), Polarized Green Mirror (copper base), Polarized Copper (copper base), Polarized Blue Mirror (grey base), Polarized Rose Gold (green base), Polarized Grey (grey base) and Polarized Bronze Mirror (copper base). Each lens is optimized to provide benefits in different outdoor conditions, including bright sun and changing light.
Vital Stats: The lenses also block all UV/HEV rays, and meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.