Product: VisionWeb’s Telehealth Essentials version of Uprise.
Top Line: To help practices that have been forced to close or only see emergency patients due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VisionWeb has launched a Telehealth Essentials version of Uprise, which will allow practices to maintain their current HER system and use Uprise Telehealth Essentials short-term while working remotely.
Close Up: Uprise Telehealth Essentials will allow practices to get up and running with Uprise within three days, use Uprise’s patient portal for secure communications with patients, stay compliant with new telehealth regulations, get assistance with medical billing, set customized telehealth exam templates and access the system 24/7 with Internet access.
Vital Stats: Uprise Telehealth Essentials is available as a short-term commitment.