Zeshan Khan (l), CEO and founder of Xenon Ophthalmics Inc., and Maik Zwick, CEO of visuSolution GmbH.

Top Line: Xenon Ophthalmics Inc., a leader in telehealth eyecare solutions and ophthalmic device distributor and developer visuSolution GmbH have announced a strategic business partnership to distribute the XO Exam System globally.
Specifics: The XO Exam System is a patented, medical-grade headset that combines automated refraction and visual field exams in one wearable unit. The headset includes three diagnostic tools for automated refraction including a digital phoropter, wavefront aberrometry, and retinoscopy. The visual field exam capabilities include visual field, visual acuity, color vision deficiency, confrontation visual field, visual field (Esterman), contrast sensitivity, and extraocular motility. The unit features automated liquid lens technology with a patented XO lens allowing for precise diopter adjustments as fine as 0.01 D, 0.025 D, 0.125 D, and above. With a single eyecare practitioner or trained technician, up to ten patient exams can be conducted and monitored simultaneously from a remote location. The second-generation version will include a slit lamp and retinal photography, culminating in the deployment of a third-generation device that will offer optical coherence tomography (OCT).
“Through our collaboration with visuSolution GmbH, we are positioned to enhance eyecare experiences,” said Zeshan Khan, CEO and founder of Xenon Ophthalmics.
“The synergy between our distribution expertise and Xenon Ophthalmics' cutting-edge telehealth technology is the catalyst for transformative care. According to our slogan, 'because your vision matters,' this cooperation fits perfectly with our principles," added Maik Zwick, CEO of visuSolution GmbH. 
Availability: The XO Exam System is now available for pre-order, with a launch date of early 2025. The units will be delivered exclusively to early adopters, with broader availability through online orders and distribution channels by the end of Q2, 2025.