Product: Build My Team
Top Line: Build My Team announced the official launch of its outsourced hiring service for eyecare practices.
Close Up: Build My Team is an affordable hiring alternative for eyecare practices that struggle to find high-quality job candidates for their open positions. Based on key performance factors for the open position, the service delivers high-quality candidates at a third of the cost that eyecare practices can do internally. The service comes with a hiring guarantee: If for any reason the candidate that the eyecare practice hires leaves within three months, Build My Team will provide additional candidates for the open position until it has been filled at no extra charge.
“More than ever, eyecare practices struggle to hire and retain competent and engaged staff,” said Mike Neal, OD, founder and CEO of Build My Team. “It has become a crisis in our industry. Build My Teams offers a complete solution.”
Dr. Neal founded the company after he and his wife, both optometrists, kept making the same hiring mistakes year after year at their eyecare practice. They’d lose a key staff member at the worst possible time. Drop their vacation plans to cover the gap. And then scramble to round up job candidates for the open position. This happened time and time again.
“Exasperated, I designed a technology-driven screening process for job candidates, said Dr. Neal. “I began with the requirements for the job description.” 
His research and design led to the development of Build My Team.
Vital Stats:
• Build My Team starts with a larger pool of candidates.
When a client outsources to Build My Team, they write a job description based on the open position and skills required, then post it to over 20 job boards. Because their reach goes beyond the traditional big job boards, they start with a larger pool of candidates. This allows Build My Team to find multiple candidates who are likely to succeed at a practice. Practice owners and managers simply interview the top candidates.
• Build My Team screens for key performance factors.
The company has developed a psychometric, proven assessment that profiles candidates for mindset, personality, strengths and talent. These predictive indicators help them narrow the search to the best candidates for an open position. When the practice owner or manager does the final interview of the applicants, they can be confident they have the skills the practice’s needs.
• Build My Team is affordable and has a guarantee.
The estimated real cost for a practice to hire new staff is $9,700, compared to Build My Team’s fee of $2,797. Once a practice schedules interviews within 48 hours of receipt for the candidates Build My Team provides, the company guarantees that they will work out for 90 days from their start date. If, for any reason, they don’t work out within that time frame, BuildMyTeam will find a replacement candidate for free.