Product: Eye-DNA Retail Kiosk
Top Line: Eye-DNA is releasing a new interactive touchscreen computer kiosk for retailer ECPs, featuring integrated frame display and hardware for 3D scanning and design. The company’s 3DNA system enables ECPs with customization technology, based on 3D scanning and 3D interactive eyewear design, to provide bespoke-tailored, and precisely fit premium eyewear. Independent designers, frame artists, and ECPs interested in producing their own collections or brands can easily design and order one-piece-at-a-time, for fast time-to-market, and minimized upfront inventory investment.
Close Up: The kiosk displays 16 frames with storage for an additional 45 pieces. The cabinet is LED illuminated with spectrum adjustment from cool white to warm white.
The kiosk runs eyewear design app V1.5, which supports designs in titanium, stainless steel, and Mazzuchelli acetate. The new materials combine with the expansive palette of the platform including stone, mother-of-pearl, wood, buffalo horn, cork, carbon fiber and vinyl by Spexwax.
Vital Stats: 3DNA eyewear design app integrates with Microsoft Windows Surface line of tablets and desktops for seamless scanning and touch-enabled design sessions.;