Top Line: Harrow, an eyecare pharmaceutical company exclusively focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative ophthalmic therapies, today announced the launch of, an easy-to-access ordering and marketing portal that is designed specifically for prescribers interested in compounded atropine formulations.
Close Up: All prescriptions will be dispensed through Harrow’s wholly-owned subsidiary, ImprimisRx. “For many years, customers have consistently told us of their growing need for a trusted and reliable source of compounded atropine,” said Mark L. Baum, Harrow’s chairman and CEO. “A recent article in Review of Myopia Management highlighted that the quality of available compounded atropine formulations varies greatly, causing inconsistency in stability, potency, storage requirements, and product shelf life. We saw an opportunity to resolve these issues, create a family of compounded formulations of atropine, and support patients and eyecare professionals with unsurpassed customer service. Our compounded atropine formulations undergo a strict series of validated analytical tests to ensure consistency, potency, and stability; they are stable at a biologically comfortable pH and are now available in three concentrations (0.01%, 0.025%, and 0.05%) for as low as $39 per bottle.
“While our current suite of compounded atropine formulations is available for individual patients through the ImprimisRx 503A national mail-order pharmacy, we intend to make a patent pending suite of compounded atropine formulations that does not contain either preservatives or boric acid.  This suite of products will be available soon to healthcare facilities through our 503B outsourcing facility – with or without a patient-specific prescription.”
Vital Stats: Compounded formulations may be appropriate to prescribe for patients with clinical needs that are unmet by FDA-approved drug products. Eyecare professionals can prescribe atropine for individual patients online at or by calling ImprimisRx Customer Care at (844) 446 6979. Healthcare providers may sign up for updates on the availability of atropine formulations through the ImprimisRx FDA-registered and FDA-inspected 503B outsourcing facility.