Tarrence Lackran.

NEW YORK—Tarrence Lackran, also known on Instagram as @TheOpticalPoet, is announcing the formation and launch of the EYECONS Agency, a multi-faceted firm, effective today. The new agency is defined as “Committed to elevating brand experiences within the optical wholesale and retail sectors. “Lackran, who describes himself as an “eyewear ambassador,” said, “After working for different organizations in the industry, I am excited to embark on this new venture that I can nurture and grow authentically.

"EYECONS will work with brands to help them focus on what keeps their business growing into the future. We will explore our established relationships both in and outside of the industry, to build a platform that inspires brand and retail growth as well as consumer desire.”
The EYECONS Agency will focus on three key business development areas, he said: meaningful experiences and events, diversity & inclusion, and marketing and public relations.
Lackran said, “More than ever, consumers are holding brands accountable to make key marketing and business decisions that showcase different faces and most importantly, different voices. EYECONS will use an equitable eye when working with its clients to translate cultural cues that help them communicate with a diverse group of consumers.”
Before launching the EYECONS Agency, Lackran worked for Luxury Optical Holdings (LOH), part of the New Look Vision Group, as vice president, community relations and diversity & inclusion. He joined LOH in August 2021.
Before that he worked two years for The Vision Council as director of partnerships and programs, where he was part of The Vision Council’s show team for Vision Expo East and Vision Expo West. Lackran worked on VIP buyer experience, special events and content for the show’s Eye to Eye Series. He is also a member of The Council’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force. Previously, Lackran was director of industry relations at RX, Global, The Vision Council’s partner in Vision Expo.
With the establishment of EYECONS agency, Lackran will continue to work with LOH in a consulting role. 
The EYECONS agency website will be ready soon but, in the meantime, Lackran can be reached at Tarrence@eyeconsagency.com.